Friday, May 4, 2012

End of B.Tech

My B.Tech has ended.
Wednesday, the second of May in 2012, at quarter past 6 in the evening, the last report was sent. And that's when my academic activity for my B.Tech ended.

Right now, it is taking time for the feeling to sink in. For the first time, I have no academic work and none to worry about next semester. In fact, there's no next semester to worry about. No more assignments, quizzes, project deadlines, exams. I'm free!

Officially, I have completed all academic requirements for my B.Tech. It sounds really cliched, but I'm an engineer now!

4 years of a roller coaster ride, just came to an end. And now, I realize how much I have gotten used to the ups, downs and thrills! I'll miss my B.Tech.

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  1. Hope you devote more time writing now!
    Gud luck.